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Ministry Groups

Small groups at COC cover various aspects of its ministry. People experience the give-and-take of relationships within a small gathering of friends. This reflects how Jesus interacted with His disciples. He didn't meet with them in a conference-room, but at a dinner table. Similarly, each Ministry Group exists not only to conduct business, but also to develop friendships among its attendees.

The normal pattern in their meetings includes times of Welcome, Worship, the Word, and Works. The Welcome is for fellowship. Worship focuses the attention on the Lord. The Word consists of some teaching, devotional, or other biblical resources (such as DVD's) and encourages interaction. The Works are a time to pray as well as to do the "work" unique to the group. For example, the worship team practices at each meeting.

The following groups are active:

  • Home Groups, that are primarily fellowship, study, and prayer gatherings at homes of the members. These are intended to provide the mainstay of pastoral care at COC.
  • Worship Ministry team, that leads the worship services on Sundays and special occasions.
  • The Women's Blessing Ministry which serves the needs of women as well as providing a venue for their their gifts.
  • Men's Group. Great breakfasts, teachings, discussions, prayer, and ministry that especially addresses men's issues.
  • Beautification -- a service that seeks to improve the appearance of our campus by non-routine maintenance, plantings, lighting, and general improvement of the buildings and grounds.
  • Intercessors are not specifically a group, but they meet by two's or threes. There is also an email prayer chain. Prayer requests are sent to those who desire to receive them.
  • Healing Teams are made up of those who have a special burden to see the sick restored. These receive practical instruction and practice in the ministry of healing, and are given an impartation through prayer and the laying on of hands. They serve in the communion services, in home groups, and at any other times of need. Healers are asked to pray and fast regularly for the release of the Spirit's power through them. Healers are often teamed with those who serve communion.
  • Communion Servers are appointed to serve communicants with the Bread and Wine, and to be prepared to minister to them through prayer and words from the Lord. Like the healers, the communion servers are asked to pray and fast for their greater effectiveness.