Here are some of the basics of the Christian life. Before anything else we must have a relationship with the Lord in which we trust Him as Savior and follow Him as our Master. You will find a brief article about how the Lord brings us to saving faith under "How to be Saved."

Since the Lord commands baptism as part of the salvation experience, we ought to obey that command and be baptized. We can call that "New Birth Baptism."

We also believe that, although we receive the Holy Spirit as soon as we become Christians, there is a further experience of power available to believers as they are baptized with the Spirit.

Finally, we believe that the powers of the Holy Spirit described in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 are still available to the Church today.

What We Believe -- More Details

God commands us to love our brothers and sisters in Christ. The unity of the Church does not depend on theological formulations, but on a living relationship with the Lord Jesus. If you belong to Him, you are our brother or sister and we can rejoice in our fellowship!

When it comes to theological formulas, by God's grace we desire to avoid two extremes. On the one hand we reject the deadly relativism of our times, and therefore teach our beliefs openly. On the other hand, we want to remain humble and teachable. The Lord Jesus taught us that the truth will bring division, but the division should not come from merely stubborn and loveless attitudes.

Some of our beliefs are not up for discussion, such as the Virgin birth of Christ, His Divine-Human natures, and His atoning sacrifice for us. But other matters are not so fundamental to the Christian faith, and will not keep anyone out of heaven and should be discussed in love, avoiding unnecessary division.

The statements below contain both kinds of issues, meaning that some of them are not cast in titanium, but some are. You are invited to email us with any questions you may have.

We Commit Ourselves...

  • to teach and obey the Bible as the supreme authority for the believer and the Church.
  • to recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Foundation and Core of all proper, biblical teaching.
  • to confess the truths of the universal creeds: The Apostolic, The Nicene, and The Athanasian.
  • to maintain the proper distinction between Law and Gospel as crucially important principles for handling the Bible correctly.
  • to administer the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion Scripturally, believing the words of promise attached to them.
  • to obey the Great Commission recognizing that Jesus has commanded us to be a teaching Church.
  • to practice the grace-powers (gifts) of the Holy Spirit.
  • to integrate all ages of God's people from infancy to old age so that they function as one body, each benefitting from the other.
  • to provide a Classical Education to Christian young people, with a strong, biblical foundation.
  • to pursue excellence in academics, the arts, physical fitness, and especially the spiritual life.
  • to offer our schools as a service to our brothers and sisters and fellow Christian congregations, not attempting to "grow our church" at their expense. We are guided by Martin Luther's admonition. "We should fear and love God so that we do not entice or force away our neighbor's wife, workers, [church members] or animals, or turn them against him, but urge them to stay and do their duty" (Explanation to the Tenth Commandment).
  • to offer our facilities and resources to any who wish to provide a biblical world-view education. We gladly share what we have with home-schoolers, students, families, and other schools like ours.
  • to honor every proper vocation as holy to God.
  • to affirm contemporary as well as historic worship and musical styles, seeking to encourage artists in their service of God.