Mission Statement

We have a three-fold mission.

We exist...

1. To Teach a Whole Word. By this we mean that our teaching is to be based on a fair and complete study of what the Bible has to say on whatever subject is discussed.

2. To Nurture a Whole People. This means that while we do not expect perfection here and now, we are ready to deal honestly with our failings and trust in God's grace to develop in us a Christlike life. We are also committed to providing resources through our congregation and Christian Classical School that will help create healthy families in which to raise up the next generation to serve the Lord with conviction and power.

3. To Reach Out to the Whole World. We do this through direct support of missionaries and by doing mission work as God opens doors. Over half of our members have been used by God to bring the Gospel to peoples in darkness. This also means we must seek God's leading to reach out into our community. And, perhaps most importantly of all, this requires us as individual believers to seek the Lord's equipping to become effective personal witnesses wherever we go.

To accomplish these goals, we believe the Lord Jesus desires to equip every member of His Church with the power of the Holy Spirit to serve as healers in our sad, broken world. We believe that signs, wonders, deliverances, and healings are to be done as an integral part of preaching the Gospel as is ministry to the poor. The "Gospel of the Kingdom" forgives sin and heals disease.